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We have been specialising in transport and forwarding services for over 50 years now. Do you need expert support in organising your transport? Are you looking for an experienced partner who will deliver your goods on time, with no complications, while maintaining the highest standards? We offer professional services in Poland as well as in Europe.

We are present in the markets of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Czechia, Slovakia, Austria. Our team of experienced forwarders will organise your transport to meet all your needs: time, safety, and price.

What do we transport?

We specialise in transporting sheet metal in coils in semi-trailers equipped with coil-muldes. We have many years of experience in transporting metallurgical products. We transport automotive goods, requiring top-quality services and strictly planned schedules, including the just-in-time supply chain. We also carry construction, wooden, industrial, and food products. 

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certyfikat ISO-9001:2008

We focus on quality!

Ever since its incorporation, Foltrans has been aiming to develop and to satisfy the needs of the market and clients. This has entailed subsequent changes and goals. Quality improvement has been connected with the extension and modernisation of our fleet, improving our employees’ qualifications, introduction of innovative management methods, work techniques, software, facilitating communication within and outside the company. As of today, besides maintaining our previous goals, in terms of the Quality Policy P.H. and U.T. ”FOLTRANS-CENTER” aims to consolidate its position on the market as a reliable partner for the benefit of our current and potential future customers. We want to be always in the lead among our competition, enjoying an opinion of a specialised supplier. Another goal is the extension of our infrastructure and our business with new services. The guarantee that these goals will be achieved is the awareness of the company owner and employees that it is necessary to perfect all processes oriented towards our customers’ satisfaction resulting from meeting their needs and satisfying the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2008. 

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