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Transport is not merely our way of life; it is also the passion of our family. It is hard to remain competitive when it is a standard to be reliable. However, the satisfaction we get when we are able to meet our clients’ demands and face new, difficult challenges drives us to action. Over the 50 years of our experience, we have never been beaten by subsequent political, legal, and social transformations. We are not afraid of responsibility. We consciously implement innovative solutions, making every effort to overcome all obstacles as soon as possible. We value cooperation based on communication, respect, and mutual understanding. For this reason, we employ ambitious, well-mannered, and passionate people, who constitute a close-knit team. It is thanks to them that our company is so successful, that it is constantly developing and rushing forward. Despite this spontaneous development, we make every effort to maintain our family-like relations and character of the company! There is strength in values! 

Let’s work together! Many thanks. 

Our beginnings

“FOLTRANS-CENTER” was incorporated in January 1972. It was then that the company owner, Jerzy Folwarczny, with just one vehicle IFA-Horch, started to provide services covering transport of all sorts of goods, running a business which initially was a sister of his father’s company. Due to the limitations imposed by the then political system making it impossible for private companies to develop, only the year 1988 is regarded as the beginning of the company’s development. This is when the second vehicle with a trailer was purchased, and in 1989 – another three unloading setups arrived, as the main cargo transported at the time included construction products, aggregate, and fuels, but not only. 

The year 1989 also marks the beginnings of our efforts to obtain an international transport permit, and when the company succeeded in it, as one of very few business involved in international transport services, it purchased another two heavy-duty trucks with trailers. In the same year the company joined the Association of International Road Carriers in Warsaw. With time, ecological and technical requirements that had to be met by the fleet were becoming increasingly strict; therefore, in 1993 the old, worn-out fleet was replaced with two new setups (MAN tractor units, SCHMITZ semi-trailers), satisfying all relevant ecological and technical requirements. At the same time, our offer was extended with specialist transport, i.e. transport of sheet metal in coils in semi-trailers specially adapted to this purpose, equipped with coil-muldes. In subsequent years until 2002 nine more setups were purchased (tractor unit + semi-trailer), which were gradually replacing the old vehicles. In 2002 the owner Jerzy Folwarczny obtained the Transport Services Licence and the Certificate of Professional Competence.

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An increased number of vehicles entailed the development of the entire infrastructure of the company – more people were employed, the office space was extended. A plot of land was purchased, where a manoeuvring area and technical facilities were created. In 1995 the company employed 14 people.

Foltrans – Center is a family company. Jerzy Folwarczny, its founder and owner, initially ran the entire business, but also looked for cargo (clients), and worked as a driver. His wife, Barbara, supervised the office work and the fleet distribution. 


The year 2012 marked the launch of the construction of the company’s new headquarters, at Kozielska street in Sośnicowice. The decision was caused by spontaneous development, internal policy, as well as the growing need to extend the office space and adapt the technical and social facilities of the company to the current needs. The ground was broken in April 2012. The company moved to its new headquarters in September 2014. 

Since 1 October 2014 our clients can avail themselves of our technical service and car wash.
On 25 March 2015 we opened the Regional Motor Vehicle Diagnostic Centre.
Soon we are planning on extending our offer with car window replacement, repair, and sale - FOLTRANS AUTO-SZYBY.

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