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As our technical support covers a full range of services, you can be sure you will have all your repairs and inspections sorted in one place. A transport fleet consisting of efficient vehicles is a top priority for each business involved in utility vehicles, hence it is worth having a professional partner by your side, able to offer comprehensive solutions and a portfolio of all the services you might need.

Our services

  • Repair and service of all truck makes
  • Post-accident repair
  • Repair and service of trailers and semi-trailers
  • Air conditioning service
  • Tire service
  • Wheel geometry control and alignment in two-, three-, and four-axle vehicles
  • Technical inspection of all types of vehicles

We use original spare parts and substitutes by renowned manufacturers; at our customer’s discretion we can also use parts provided by the customer. 

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Check the condition of your car on a regular basis to make sure it is in good working order and you can rely on it throughout its entire life. All repairs carried out in authorised garages guarantee that your vehicle will serve you for a long time with no failures. 

Services provided in the main garage:

  • Mechanical repairs
  • Warranty repairs
  • General technical inspections
  • Installation of accessories
  • Car diagnostics 
  • Measurement of emissions and securing technical inspections of road vehicles
  • Axle geometry and alignment
  • Brake and shock absorber tests
  • Vulcanisation
  • Service inspection


Foltrans services also cover full wheel services, including tire replacement, wheel balancing, and tire storage. Trust us and you will be safe, irrespective of weather conditions. 

Comprehensive tire service tailored to your needs. We offer comprehensive wheel and tire services – from pressure control and wheel balancing to wheel rim renovation. We offer tire storage and disposal. We adapt to you, and we approach all your problems with full commitment and attention. Our experience and expertise as well as a wide range of wheel and tire repair services guarantee that we will solve each and every problem you might have. We focus on prevention, hence we supervise your tire in real time so as to properly respond to any disturbing signals. Consequently, the wear and tear of your tires is optimal, they can be used longer and further.  You gain time, increase your profits and availability, as well as the safety of your vehicle. 




Motor Insurance Claim Management Services

Our Motor Insurance Claim Management Services is a state-of-the-art facility furnished with top-notch equipment allowing to cover your vehicle and semi-trailer with comprehensive services.


Our team consists of professionals experienced in repairs of trucks, vans, and semi-trailers, even when the damage is very extensive. We are able to restore your income source effectively, bringing it back to its condition from before the accident. We are experienced, and this means we satisfy the strictest requirements of manufacturers in terms of service quality and professionalism, as well as expertise and experience. We repair vehicles applying manufacturer’s technology and recommendations and we use exclusively original spare parts. 


The air conditioning system requires a number of measures which will secure its failure-free operation. In our garage, you can have your air conditioning system inspected, cleaned, and repaired, to enjoy travelling in comfort. 

Air conditioning has become a basic element of vehicle equipment. Whatever the weather conditions outside, it enables you to travel in comfort. Remember, your air conditioning system requires a number of measures that will secure its failure-free operation. Thanks to regular inspections and service of your air conditioning system you can make sure that the system will operate as it should. 


Air conditioning system inspection and service

Air conditioning system inspection is a number of measures aiming to check the correct operation of the system, including pressure measurement. The system control is limited to periodical replacement of the cabin filter, fumigation, and cleaning the interior. If the air conditioning system is leaky or the pressure is incorrect, it has to be repaired. The air conditioning system should be inspected periodically, preferably once a year before the summer season begins. 

The air conditioning system service is a number of measures which are much more than just the standard inspection. The comprehensive air conditioning system service comprises the following elements:

  • Test of the on-board electronic elements is most often carried out in more advanced vehicles, equipped with an automatic air conditioning system. The test consists in connecting a tester displaying errors of the air conditioning controller and indicating whether the refrigerant is not escaping too fast. It is worth emphasising that ca. 10% of the refrigerant escapes from the system per year. 
  • The cabin filter replacement and fumigation are obligatory elements of each air conditioning service. Deposits of fungi accumulating in the system may be harmful for human health. The cabin filter should be replaced on a regular basis. The fungi are got rid of by the application of special chemicals or by ozonation. Ozone kills all germs in the car.  
  • Replacement of the desiccator, which absorbs humidity inside the system to protect the compressor against corrosion. This element should be replaced every 2-3 years.
  • Additional elements, such as control of the temperature, pressure, water drain from the evaporator. Too high or too low air temperature in the air vents may be a signal of a malfunction of the system. 

Causes of malfunction of the air conditioning system

  • A frequent cause of malfunction of the air conditioning system is simply bad use. Many drivers assume that the air conditioning system should be used only in summer, which is wrong. The more it works, the better lubrication in the compressor and other components. Furthermore, there are no pollutants and fungi in an operating air conditioning system.
  • Insufficient amount of the refrigerant, which makes the cooling efficiency drop and causes the compressor to seize due to insufficient lubrication. 
  • Inappropriate lubricant or UV colourant, which may cause the blockage of the expansion valve or the choking nozzle. 
  • Irregular control of the air conditioning system. 

Effects of the air conditioning system malfunction

  • Worse cooling effect, which may be caused by a clogged cabin filter, a damaged air blower, or a leakage, due to which there is not enough refrigerant in the system. 
  • Unpleasant smell coming from the air vents, caused by multiplying bacteria and fungi on the evaporator of the air conditioning system. The evaporator is responsible for drying and cooling the air pumped by the fan. There is quite a lot of humidity in this element, and this in turn causes fungi and bacteria to multiply, resulting in possible allergies and respiratory system diseases. 
  • Loud operation of the compressor after turning the system on. The most common cause of this malfunction is a worn-out compressor clutch bearing. 

If you detect any of these symptoms, this means the air conditioning system should be checked. One of the more common problems are leakages, which make it impossible to recharge the system. This happens when there are micro-leakages in the air conditioning system hose. With time, they become bigger and bigger, which makes it impossible to recharge the system. 

Cleaning the car air conditioning system

If the car air conditioning system is not cleaned regularly, germs, bacteria and fungi may multiply inside. They enter the car interior through ventilation and we breathe them in. This can potentially cause serious diseases. Advanced mould development in the evaporator or the cabin filter may, for example, lead to the shortness of breath, itchy eyes, and sneezing. The car air conditioner is often responsible for unpleasant smells inside the vehicle, the most common cause being fungi and bacteria accumulating in ventilation ducts. When the fan is turned on, the unpleasant smell enters the car interior. The smell of the air conditioner is not only unpleasant, but potentially harmful for human health. In our garage, air conditioning system cleaning covers professional disinfection of the evaporator, the air conditioning system, and the ventilation system. Additionally, the cabin filter is checked and replaced if needed. Obviously, the cabin filter can be cleaned. However, after 2 years or 30,000 km it should be replaced. 

Recharging of the air conditioning system – find the right product 

If the efficiency of the air conditioning system drops significantly, it should be filled up. This is done by means of one of the two most popular liquid refrigerants. In older cars it is R134a. Whereas this refrigerant is cheaper, it is also more harmful for the environment, hence it is not used in newly registered vehicles. New vehicles have a different refrigerant – R-1234yf. In the engine compartment there is a sticker, where you can check what refrigerant is used in your system. If you need to repair your air conditioner, you value professionalism and working with top-quality spare parts, you want to make sure that the service and diagnostics of your air conditioning system is done really well.


With us, you can be sure that the technical condition is always consistent with the declared one, and all the documents are original. We take care of that!



Our Mobile Truck Service has assisted vehicles in such European states as Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Czechia. We also operate locally.

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Our offer includes the whole range of vehicle repairs:

  • Pneumatics repair
  • Starter repair
  • Alternator repair
  • Alternator replacement 
  • Computer-aided diagnostics
  • MAN diagnostics
  • Mercedes diagnostics 
  • Scania diagnostics 
  • Daf diagnostics 
  • Renault diagnostics
  • Volvo diagnostics
  • Iveco diagnostics
  • Brake system repair
  • Gear selector repair
  • Brake cylinder replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Transmission repair and replacement 
  • Suspension repair
  • Wheel hub replacement
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Compressor repair
  • Compressor replacement
  • Pneumatic valves replacement 



Semi-trailers in good working order and their proper service – this is the foundation of each self-respecting driver and forwarder. They stand for time savings, better safety of transport and road users, and – most importantly – safety of the cargo. Comprehensive service of your semi-trailer. A semi-trailer in good working order is also an important factor of your success, hence it is worth taking good care of it and servicing it well. It is a guarantee your semi-trailer will be failure-free for a long time. It also stands for lower operating costs and better availability, and in case of resale – better value. We hold numerous authorisations and a warehouse of original spare parts available immediately or on order. 

We offer comprehensive service of your semi-trailers to provide you with instant results, including:

  • Warranty, post-warranty, and post-accident repairs
  • Guarantee, post-guarantee, and post-accident inspections
  • Specialist repairs of the braking system
  • Repairs of the pneumatic system
  • Repairs of the electrical installation
  • Comprehensive body repairs
  • Computer-aided diagnostics. 


We offer:

  • 12/24V headlight bulbs and fixtures
  • Wiper blades
  • Engine oils, in barrels and smaller units (1l, 2l, 4l, 5l)
  • Gear oils
  • Filters: oil, fuel, cabin, air, of the desiccator, separators, AdBlue
  • Cooling system liquids
  • Spare and consumable parts (including bodywork parts) on individual orders
  • Transport belts, buckles, chains
  • Winter chains for tires

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