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We offer to cooperate with transport companies which employ drivers in international transport. We will settle the working time taking into account modifications introduced in the Mobility Package, we will assist you in the HR and Payroll management. You don’t have to own a company within the territory of our province. Call us and we will discuss a package best tailored to the needs of your company. 

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Our Transport and HR/Payroll specialists offer comprehensive assistance:

  • Settling driver’s working time, including working time and offence analysis,
  • Calculating driver’s remuneration based on the relevant mobility package,
  • Calculating social insurance contributions within the scheme of the mobility package, 
  • Calculating the income tax within the scheme of the mobility package, 
  • One-off review of personal files and drawing up a report after the review, or
  • Keeping personal files of employees in paper form,
  • Monitoring of employment-related deadlines, e.g. dates of:
    • Employment contracts
    • Periodical medical examinations
    • OHS training
    • Employees’ entitlements 
  • Assisting in drawing up A1 forms,
  • Monitoring changes in the labour law. 

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Krzysztof Klausa
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pakiet mobilności
pakiet mobilności

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