Quality policy

Since it was established Foltrans has always strived to develop and respond to the needs of the market and its clients. This led to subesquent changes and objectives. Quality improvement has always been connected with the extension and upgrading of the fleet, enhancement of qualifications of the staff, introduction of innovative management methods, working methods, software, streamlining communication within and outside the company. 
Today, apart from maintaining the objectives under its Quality Policy, P.H. i U.T. „FOLTRANS-CENTER” aims to strengthen its current market position and the image of a reliable, client-oriented business partner among its present and future clients.
We wish to be one of the leaders in the sector and enjoy the reputation of a specialised service provider.Our second goal is to develop infrastructure and add new services to our portfolio.
The achievement of the above is guaranteed by the awareness that Foltrans Owner and staff have of the necessity to continuously improve the efficiency of all processes aimed at client satisfaction,by responding to their needs and meeting the requirements of the PN – EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.