"FOLTRANS-CENTER" was set up in January 1972. The company's owner, Jerzy Folwaczny, having one IFA-Horch truck ...

 ..., started to provide carriage services for any types of goods and at the outset he ran his business in parallel to his father's company.

Due to the restrictions of the political system impeding the development of private enterprises, it was not sooner than in 1988 when the company started to develop its business.

Another truck with a trailer was purchased then,... and three more self-dumping units, as the main goods transported at the time were construction materials, aggregate and furnace fuel, but not only.

Attempts started in 1989 to obtain an international transport license. Once granted the license, the company, as one of few companies providing international shipping services, purchased next two vehicle units with high load capacity (vehicle + trailer).


That year, the company became a member of the Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland.

Over time, environmental and technical requirements concerning a fleet of vehicles were becoming stricter and stricter, and the old, obsolete fleet was replaced in 1993 and two new trucks and trailers were bought (MAN tractors, SCHMITZ semitrailers) meeting all environmental and technical requirements.

Nine more trucks and semitrailers were purchased in the years to follow until 2002 to replace regularly the old fleet with a new one.

The owner, Jerzy Folwaczny, was granted a transport license in 2002 and the Certificate of Professional Competence.


The company's entire infrastructure was expanding along with the new fleet – more people were employed and office space was increased, land was purchased where a stoppage yard and technical base were constructed.



The company employed 14 persons in 1995.

Foltrans - Center is a family enterprise. Jerzy Folwaczny, a founder and owner, not only managed the company's business at the beginning but also sought customers and was driving his trucks. His wife, Barbara, was supervising office work and was a dispatcher as well.

The company had been developing its market position at the domestic market until 1989, and the international market became the company's goal later. The company's sharp development in terms of volume (transport resources were doubled) and market range (whole Europe) was seen in 2005 – 2010. Over time, son Piotr who is in charge of spedition, with his wife, Dagmara - a speditor. Son Paweł is in charge of finance department, and daughter who is responsible for  accounting. Nowadays, the company employs 100 persons.

The company's current goal are fast, safe and reliable international road carriage services and this forces us to accommodate to market demands in terms of services and quality. A broad array of services signifies that any products are shipped, but also quality, being professional and working in a timely manner.